Health, Safety and Environmental

Safety Belief

At Singatac, Health, Safety and Environmental protection is our major concern. Our policy is to provide healthy and safety working conditions for all employees in all activities. We are committed that health, safety and environmental protection is a crucial and integral part of the operations of our business. We guarantee the appropriate systems, procedures, and safety culture is implemented with concrete steps in working towards a safe and healthy workplace.

We adopt and implement international HSE standards and best practices, to maintain integrity in operation to achieve the objectives and targets;

  • no incidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment;
    compliance with all relevant legal obligations;
  • maintain the health and safety competency and integrating health and safety requirements in all aspects of the company’s business;
  • continuous improvement of performance through training and education, supervision and good management practices;
  • employ only those sub-contractors who aspire to equal or exceed health and safety standards set by Singatac;
  • promote a positive health and safety culture which is based on the principle that all incidents can be prevented;
  • provide emergency response program much unexpected events thereby minimizing the danger for people, assets and the environment.

Singatac Health, Safety and Environmental Plan is flexible and can be upgraded according to the needs of each individual client.

Each project maintain Task Risk Register and working on a set of HSE Manual, Safe Working Procedures and Task Risk Assessment. It is documented in Singatac HSE Management System.