Covid 19


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic – and the impositions by the government, we continue to modify our policies and practices to safeguard the health of our employees and those we work with at our workshops and office locations, while continuing to provide our best services to our clients.
Shortly after the COVID-19 epidemic befell in China, we began to analyse, review and implement actions to prepare for the inevitable impact on our company’s operations in both Singapore and Bintan, Indonesia. The following actions have been taken to help our company prepare for and actively manage this issue.

  • First and foremost, we have worked closely with all employees, subcontractors, suppliers, owners and others to ensure that anyone who is ill or believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 is refrained from entering our office and project locations. This includes, in some locations, requiring pre-and post-access health questions and pre-access and periodic temperature screening. In the earlier days, we also restricted visitor access to our office and project locations and encouraged non-essential office personnel to work from home.
  • We developed protocols, procedures and best practices to ensure employees practice recommended social distancing (separation of 1 meter or more), including protocols for transporting our staff to and fro work by vans and buses and for working in office locations. We have imposed restrictions on social gatherings and large in-person meetings to maintain appropriate social distancing.
  • We have significantly increased the use of our company communication technologies that we already have in place. All our internal and external meetings are being held via Skype, Zoom, MS Team etc. as much as possible.
  • We have limited company travels unless approved by executive leadership.
  • On our project sites, we provide surgical masks and eye protection for specific operations that may require closer proximity to ensure the safety of personnel, and other hand and face-protection tools for daily operations. We are providing face masks and hand sanitizers to employees at office locations to practice and maintain proper personal hygiene.
  • We have encouraged all our employees to download the Trace Together, Safe Entry and FWMOMCare apps in their mobile phones to minimise the risks and the spread of COVID-19.
  • We implemented more stringent office and project site cleaning and hygiene protocols in all locations. We are taking all reasonable measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to our team members, our clients and our business.

The work we do is very important, even critical to sustaining the needs of society. As long as we can operate our projects safely and deliver high-quality work, we’ll continue to support our clients around the globe who count on us.

Thank you for your continued support for our company. We wish good health and safety to all our business partners and their employees and families.